Dermal Filler

Ever been overwhelmed when you try researching filler? We know we have been. We’ve taken the time to simplify filler in a way which makes the most sense.. Typically, it’s all in the fine print but with us – it’s in black and white. For this reason, we’ve simplified our pricing on filler with a wide range of areas to treat.

TypeIdeal for (area)UnitsRRPMember Price
MediumCheeks, Smile Lines, Eyes1ML$649$619
VolumeCheeks, Jaw Sculpting1ML$799$759
Additional ML25% off per additional ML.
Applies to the same area, purchased in the same session

Filler & Anti-Wrinkle Packages

TypeInclusionsRRPMember Price
Lips & Lines1ML filler + Anti-Wrinkle 1$699$669
Cheeks & Lines2ML Cheeks + Anti-Wrinkle 1$1,349$1,309
Cheeks2ML Cheeks$1,129$1,079
Cheeks & Lips2ML Cheeks + 1ML Lips$1,399$1,349

Anti-Wrinkle Injections terms & conditions


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